Does My Roof Need Repairs or Replacement?

The most obvious signs of roof damage (listed below) will indicate that you absolutely must take a closer look at your roofing components or roof structure. If you notice one or more of these signals, it’s probably a good idea to ask a professional roofer (like us) to inspect your roof damage and roofing structure more closely.

When you notice any of the following signs, please do not wait. We offer a FREE ESTIMATE on roof replacement or repairs – so give a call. It’s better to learn what the facts are than ignore these warning signs.

When was the last time YOU looked closely at your roof?

Badly damaged, rotting shingles

Badly damaged, rotting shingles.

Signs to Look For

  • Curled, missing or damaged shingles
  • Water leaks or discoloration on the interior ceilings
  • Leaking attic or damp spots
  • Energy/Heating bills increased noticeably.