Roofing Contractor Questions and Answers

How do I know I need a repair on my roof?

Curled or rotted shingles or shakes, missing shingles and blistering are just a few ways to notice that your roof needs repair. Some warning signs of a damaged roof will not be so obvious and need a professionally trained eye to identify. Use our FREE roof evaluation and report to your home to determine if your roof needs repair.

How do I prepare for Real Estate Improvement Company?

Clear your driveway and anything surrounding your home. Remove any loose hanging items from the walls as the constant hammering may cause these items to fall. Cover all valuables in your attic to ensure they stay protected.

Are your estimates all inclusive?

Our estimates are detailed with each roofing specification. Any additional items needed will be added to the final invoice.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

A lot of factors determine the answer to this question. What type of roof, roof size, and the weather are variables that will determine the amount of time it will take to replace your roof. Some roofs can be completed in as little as one day, while others could take up to a week. Please contact us for a more accurate time table for your project.

When is the best time to put on a new roof?

The weather determines the best time to put on a new roof. The temperature needs to be above freezing with the wind and rain at low intensity. These conditions are optimal for installing a roof.

How can I tell if my roof was damaged by the weather?

Hail damage on a roof can be noticed with dents or dark spots where the granules have been knocked off. Additionally, the asphalt underlayment and fiberglass mat may be exposed. Wind damage can cause curled shingles or missing shingles on your roof.

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