Here are some handy preventative maintenance tips for homeowners and property maintenance checklists. Some of the questions and answers were common occurrences, so we thought we should share them with you.

Damages caused by Clogged Gutters

Well-maintained, problem-free gutters can effectively carry water off of your roof and away from your building by sending it to a designated area on your property. When gutters become clogged by leaves, twigs, and further compacted by dust, dirt and roofing grit, problems start to occur:

  • Rotted Fascia Boards – can lead to water entering the house or cause water damage to walls or ceilings
  • Overweight by Slow Moving Water adds stress to gutter systems, fascia boards and soffits and may break free
  • Slow-Draining Gutters – can cause pooling around the foundation. If you have other property drainage issues, this can compound the problem.
  • Ice Buildup – winter time is no friend to a clogged gutter, as backups lead to icy water spills on walkways (slippery hazards), large icicles (added stress to gutter system and potential hazard to people),
  • Ice Dams prevent water from running off. As the snow and ice melt, water can leak into your ceilings or interior walls.

Top 8 Tips for Gutter Cleaning

  • Plan your schedule by knowing your trees and when they shed.
  • Plan plenty of time. It can take a full day or weekend to do a thorough job.
  • Ensure that all children and pets are kept away from the work area.
  • Working from the roof versus using a ladder. If using a ladder, you will need to move it very, very often and may need to work around objects on the ground. Working from the roof gives you much more space to move around, but use common sense and safety measures to prevent falls. Even when using a ladder, use ladder safety measures.
  • Avoid using a garden hose. The best way to start is with a plastic scoop and small bucket. When the bucket is full, pour into a heavy plastic garbage bag.
  • It’s a dirty job, so wear heavy-duty gloves. We recommend extra thick gloves in case there are any sharp metal edges inside the gutters that may cut your hand or fingers.
  • Stay hydrated. If you feel overheated or faint, you might get dizzy and fall off the roof. Take timeout breaks, as needed.
  • Don’t overfill the plastic bag. If it falls or burst open, you’ll have a large mess of stinky gutter muck – to scoop up a second time.