As a reliable home siding contractor, we install, repair and replace siding on new or older homes throughout southeast Wisconsin.

As a vinyl-certified siding installer, we are also trained in helping customers select the appropriate materials that will work best for their home’s style, needs and budget.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out whether you need to replace your siding, the basic tips below will help guide you. We’re always happy to help answer your questions to help you in your decision. If costs are a deciding factor, don’t hesitate to ask. We offer free estimates year round.

Signs to Replace Siding

  • Loose or Missing Siding can lead to several problems. A small opening allows small animals, insects and moisture into the outer walls of your house. At this point, structural damage can occur. Small animals and insects can gnaw away wood and damage wiring. While moisture will lead to mold, this problem further leads to heat and/or cooling loss, which means that your heating and cooling bills will increase.
  • Bubbles on siding are a clear signal of moisture damage. The siding will start to swell if it’s not replaced or repaired.
  • Chipping and Peeling are more cosmetic than structural, but are some of the first indicators of aged siding that should be replaced in the future.

The photo below is BEYOND the initial stage of chipping or peeling. If you wait this long, you may discover more costly moisture damage repairs are needed, as well as the siding replacement.

When to replace your siding

Siding updates can have a major impact on further improving the quality and comfort of your home. Along with siding installations or repairs, our home improvement team can add or replace windows, doors, roofs and gutters.