Do Gutters really need Protection?

Perhaps a much better question would be:
Do you want gutters that are clog-free?

  • Offer great protection and a self-cleaning gutter solution
  • Keep out big debris which causes clogs
  • Allow small roof grit and dirt to pass through so water washes it away
  • Help prevent ice dams!
  • Virtually maintenance-free

REI Uses Raindrop Gutter Guards

REI recommends the Raindrop Gutter Guards as the ideal protection for your gutter system. They handle more water than their competition and are infinitely more durable. Because the Raindrop Gutter Guards are more adaptable to gutter systems, they will fit almost every gutter and roof on the market.

Raindrop Gutter Guards

  • Budget-friendly
  • Super Durable Material – Polypropylene
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Better than Foam Gutter Guards*

* As one customer puts it, “These are certainly better than the wedge foam filters, which are designed by people who don’t know that all foam filters clog with dust and have to be changed.”