Most people realize when they need an exterior door replacement or repair, but tackling the job themselves if often daunting, not to mention all the choices they will have if a replacement is needed. These include materials and styles.

Along with gutters and siding repairs, our team can replace windows and doors, or even add new doors. Here are some basic guidelines to help you determine whether you need to replace your gutters, siding, windows or doors. We’re always happy to help answer your questions or to offer a free estimate when needed.

Signs to Replace Gutters

  • Gutters have leaky seams or the fasteners are pulling out
  • Rust — with steel gutters, any rust will lead to holes in your gutters and need to be replaced
  • Sagging or uneven gutters should be replaced or repaired so they function correctly
  • Brown streaks or stains on gutters or downsprouts

REI replaces gutters with the Raindrop Gutter Guard System.

Signs to Replace Siding

  • Loose or missing siding can lead to several problems.
    A small opening allows small animals, insects and moisture into the outer walls of your house. At this point structural damage can occur. Small animals and insects can gnaw away wood and damage wiring while moisture will lead to mold. This problem also leads to heat and/or cooling loss. Therefore your heating and cooling bills will increase.
  • Bubbles on siding is a sign you siding has been damaged, typically by moisture. The siding will swell if not replaced or repaired.
  • Chipping or peeling is more cosmetic than structural, but still is a sign that your siding should be replaced.

Signs to Replace Doors

  • If doors stick, bind or do not function properly, it probably needs replacing.
  • If you feel a draft around any area of your door, check and repair the door and frame.
  • Do the doors fit the style of your home after a remodel, new painting or new siding?


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